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Cinetism Studios is a team of highly experienced technical artists in the camera body and object tracking, roto, paint/prep, 3D Scanning and on-set supervision.

Rock Solid Camera Tracking

Anamorphic lens, ridiculous motion blur, rolling shutters, manual tracks, heavy lens distortions… No problem. We track all sorts of camera motions.

We understand the importance of precise camera tracks for the overall smooth post-production workflow. Our highly experienced Matchmovers are ready to take on the challenging shots.

Super Tight Body Tracking

If you need a tight body track, look no further. Our rotomation artists have worked on countless body tracks, face tracks and we can deliver the shots with all sorts of rigs given to us. If you don’t have any asset rigs, we can provide generic rigs too.

Accurate Object Tracking

We provide Object tracking for moving vehicles, weapons, or any rigid object in an accurate 3d space. 

Clear Cut Rotoscopy

Our highly experienced artists work meticulously to deliver the highest quality mattes for VFX compositing.

Cinetism provide alpha mattes for hard surface & motion blur, and spline files for hair strands for more flexibility during compositing.

Clean Paint / Prep

Our paint artists can remove all unwanted elements, like reflections of the cameraman or other crew members, props etc. in the plates.

Meticulous Keying

We offer Chroma keying for green/blue screens, spill removal without losing any details such as hair.

Seamless Wire Removal

Our skilled prep/paint team can provide wire removal, dust & scratches removal, tracking marker removal with proper re-graining.

Detailed 3D Scanning

Our portable scanners allow us to scan on set assets, face as well as full-body scans of the talents with incredibly accurate scans with the precision of 0.3mm.

Complete On-Set Supervision

Cinetism offers On-set supervision for Feature films, TV shows, and Commercials. We provide complete service from pre-production to post-production.



Request from Client

Client contacts us using our online form or by email or call to discuss the nature of work. Footages are uploaded on our secured cloud-based servers and the brief is provided including camera, lens info and scope of work.


Shot Evaluation & Bid

We carefully make an assessment of the shots. We provide an estimate and time required based on the complexity of the shot.


Client's Approval

Bid is approved by the client and email is sent by the client to start the work.


Commencement of Work

The shot is ingested in our pipeleine and the work is started.


Shot QC & Delivery to Client

Each and every shot undergoes rigorous QC before delivery and the work is delivered using secured file transfer services.


Revision if Required

Though it is very unlikely, if the client is not happy with the output, we revisit the shot and send it again.


Shot Approval & Invoice

Client approves the shot and Invoice is sent to the client.