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04 Months

Jan 2024

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19 years of age or a high school diploma

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Course material, footage for Reel

CAD $ 1500 


4 Months (2days/week)

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Mastering Roto, Paint/Prep

Believe you can and you’re halfway there…

Welcome to the Mastering Roto, Paint/Prep Online Training, your ultimate destination for learning the art of roto-paint in the world of visual effects. Our Career programs are designed to provide you with comprehensive training and hands-on experience in Rotoscopy, Paint/Prep, a crucial skill in modern filmmaking, and VFX.

This program provides the students right tools and techniques to master the art of Rotoscopy and Paint, a fundamental and essential step in compositing.

Our instructors are highly experienced Industry professionals with several awards under their belts.

We offer online programs where students can take online classes at home and complete the final project.

Careers in Roto, Paint/Prep

Rotoscope Artist: As a specialized rotoscope artist, you’ll be responsible for creating accurate matte selections around objects or characters in a scene. This is essential for compositing visual effects onto live-action footage.

Clean-Up Artist: Clean-up artists focus on removing unwanted elements or imperfections from live-action footage or computer-generated imagery (CGI). This can involve fixing issues like rig removal, wire removal, and other artifacts to ensure a seamless final product.

Compositor: Compositors merge different visual elements, such as live-action footage, CGI, and effects, into a cohesive and realistic scene. Your skills in rotoscoping, paint, and prep will be valuable in this role, as you integrate various elements to create the desired visual impact.

Prep Artist: Prep artists prepare elements for compositing by ensuring they match the lighting, color, and perspective of the original footage. They may also clean up plates, create mattes, and organize assets for the compositing team.

VFX Artist: VFX artists work on a broad range of visual effects tasks, and your rotoscoping, paint, and prep skills can be valuable for specific shots or sequences that require these techniques.

Technical Director (TD): Technical directors help develop and implement tools and workflows that streamline the VFX pipeline. Your understanding of rotoscoping, paint, and prep techniques could be valuable for optimizing the production process.

VFX Supervisor: With experience and a deep understanding of various VFX techniques, you could move into a supervisory role, overseeing the execution of VFX sequences and ensuring they align with the director’s vision.

Freelance/Contract Work: Many artists with specialized skills in rotoscoping, paint, and prep choose to work as freelancers or on a project-by-project basis. This offers flexibility and the opportunity to collaborate with different studios and production houses.

CINETISM’S Accelerated Training Program (A.C.T.)

Invest in yourself


Mastering Roto, Paint/Prep

Month 1: Introduction to Matchmove Fundamentals

  • Understanding the principles of matchmoving
  • Different types of motion tracking: 2D, 3D, and camera tracking
  • Exploring the basics of 3DEqualizer and Maya interfaces
  • Working with reference footage and shot preparation

Month 2: Camera Tracking and Solving Techniques

  • Learning camera tracking fundamentals
  • Mastering 3DEqualizer for accurate camera solves
  • Tackling challenging shots with multiple moving objects
  • Real-world case studies and practical exercises

      Month 3: Lidar and Point Cloud Integration

      • Leveraging Lidar data for precise environment reconstruction
      • Handling point cloud data in 3DEqualizer and Maya
      • Blending CGI elements seamlessly with real-world scenes
      • Implementing Lidar in VFX projects and case studies

      Month 4: Object Tracking and Rigid Body Solving

      • Exploring object tracking methods and applications
      • Understanding rigid body solving for inanimate objects
      • Techniques for tracking and integrating 3D elements into live-action footage
      • Advanced object tracking challenges and troubleshooting

      Month 5: Body Tracking and Human Motion

      • Introducing body tracking techniques for character integration
      • Understanding human motion analysis and solving
      • Merging real actors into digital environments
      • Hands-on practice with 3DEqualizer and Maya for character-based matchmove

      Month 6: Final Project and Professional Development

      • Working on a comprehensive matchmove project from start to finish
      • Collaborating with other departments in a VFX pipeline
      • Portfolio preparation and showcasing your work
      • Career development guidance and industry insights

      Email us if you have any questions regarding the registration:  cinefa@cinetism.com