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our workflow

1. client request

Initial inquiry and description of VFX needs.

2. evaluation & bid

Assessing project requirements and providing a cost estimate.

3. client's approval

Obtaining client's confirmation to proceed with the proposed bid.

4. ingest & commence work

Initiating project setup and beginning project

5. completing the task

Executing VFX tasks according to the brief and annotations.

6. QC

Conducting quality checks to ensure all the shots meet the desired standards.

7. deliveries

Transmitting completed VFX work to the client.

8. invoice

Generating and sending payment requests for the provided VFX services.


camera tracking.

We offer a full suite of tracking services, including camera tracking, object tracking, and layout. Our experienced team can track all sorts of complex camera tracks including anamorphic shows,

Cinetism camera track


Cinetism provides advanced rotomation services including body tracks and face tracks. Our highly skilled artists can track human movements and facial expressions with precision.

Cinetism rotomation services


From large crowd to single strands of hair, Cinetism can matte it all. With highest quality and attention to detail, we make sure your deliverables are perfect & on-time, every time.

Cinetism rotoscopy services


We offer Wire removal,Rig removal, Reflection removal, Camera / Crew removal, Object removal, Clean plate, Dust scratch removal.

Cinetism paint services

"Rahul and the team at Cinetism have transformed our productions with their extraordinary VFX outsourcing services. Rahul's extensive experience and professionalism shine through in every project he undertakes. ."

Mark VFX Supervisor

"Cinetism's VFX outsourcing services exceeded our expectations in every way. Their team demonstrated remarkable expertise and attention to detail, delivering the project in timely manner."

Victoria Producer

“Choosing Cinetism for VFX outsourcing was one of the best decisions we made for our project. We can't recommend them enough.”

Amanda Producer

crafting spectacles since 2020.

cinetism your VFX outsourcing partner

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